Harry Governick


A native St. Louisan, Harry began acting professionally in 1975, after enrolling at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Hollywood, California, where he studied with Lee Strasberg, Shelley Winters, Dominic DeFazio and Beth Brickell.

After a month at the Institute Harry was introduced at the Actors Studio-West by Dominic De Fazio, where he was invited to participate there as a staff observer.

It was at the Actors Studio that Harry was given the opportunity to study the work of some of the greatest living actors of our time, as directed by Lee Strasberg, and critiqued by Studio members, including Shelley Winters, Martin Landau, Lee Grant , Ellyn Burstyn , Bruce Dern , Harvey Keitel, Ray Walston, Martin Ritt , Salome Jens , Albert Paulsen, Ron Liebman and others. In 1980, he joined Martin Landau's private class.

In 1989, Harry was invited to live at the Actors Studio,  where he would serve as technical director and "caretaker" of the building, theatre and grounds at the Studio's location at the William S. Hart
park in West Hollywood.  During this period, he formed close personal relationships with actors who had reached the pinnacle of artistic achievement, sharing the stage with them with the world's toughest critics in the audience.

Throughout his career, Harry has appeared in all forms of  entertainment media, including Stage, Film, Television, Commercials and Industrials.

Presently, he has returned to St. Louis with his wife, actress Melissa Mayo, to be available to his family while they are in "the winter of their lives".

To keep his artistic needs fueled, he and his wife started a theatre company, which they call
TheatrGROUP .  At TheatrGROUP Harry trains actors, beginning through advanced, in those techniques and procedures he learned from Lee Strasberg, Shelley Winters, Martin Landau , Ray Walston and Barry Primus at his "Method" acting workshop. He has made TheatrGROUP available to its 20 members 24 hours a day.


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