Melissa Mayo
Height: 5' 3"  Weight: 120
Hair: Black  Eyes:  Brown


Originally from Chicago, Melissa started her artistic training early at Hull House in Chicago, and Interlochen Arts Academy.  Moving to Los Angeles she attended California Institute of the Arts, School of Theatre.

Before long  she became associated with the Actors Studio-West, where she was in the original cast of Ted Harris' "Hollywood and Highland", also starring  River Phoenix (and sister Rain), and  veteran character actors Alan Goorwitz and  Foxx Harris.

While pursuing her acting career, Melissa continued her studies at the Actors Studio for several years.  She has appeared in most forms of  entertainment media, including Stage, Film, Television and Commercials.  She has also appeared as a dancer in over twenty music videos. Melissa established herself as a highly respected performance artist in Los Angeles, appearing in her own creations and at times working as a guest  artist in the works of other performance and  multi-media artists. She quickly became one of the family  at EZTV,  West Hollywood's premier Video Gallery.

Melissa  has also developed  an  alter-ego, Pixie D. Valentino, clown extraordinaire. Pixie has been seen amusing  people all over the Los Angeles landscape, as well as an occassional appearance in television and video.  Most recently, Pixie has clowned around for public events, commercial events and charitable events in St. Louis, where she now resides with the husband (Harry Governick) of her other self, Melissa.  Pixie only fights with Melissa over Harry occassionally. 

But to complicate matters further, Melissa has found  yet another personality hiding in her closet  - a mime named  Lucretia Loud.  Lucretia has already been seen at several spots around town pestering pedestrians at  various festivals, and one particular "Haunted House" during Halloween.


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