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紐⑹뾽 |
9 (R&D) 2029 18 . R&D 2026 327 696 . /url]
16 February 2023 - Mauritius

Matt Kaskowitz |
Hi Harry. I use my acting skills every day, though in 2012 while teaching theater at UMSL, this led to one of my student actresses getting a scholarship for the highest amount in the state.
24 September 2022 - St. Louis, MO (Central West End)

qureshi.mobeen@yahoo(DOT)com |
Great work!
29 August 2022

Thanks a lot for all!
21 June 2022 - Marseille, France

Cathy Payne |
9 January 2022 - 27292

Corinne Broskette |
Thank you Harry for developing this marvelous workbook. I use it often with my students and you get to them when I am not able to. A great shortcut for anyone. Hugs. your friend
8 July 2020 - Venue Actor Studio, St Petersburg, FL

Jayson Warner Smith |
I teach Strasberg in Atlanta. I am quite the unicorn. So glad to have this site to refer to. Thanks! The cat and dog story is read often in class.
17 March 2020 - Atlanta

Victor |
Love it
5 December 2019 - Kenya

Bruce Ward |
Hi there. I would love to hear from you!
12 July 2019 - Montgomery Area

Kj |
How do you do the relaxation?what chair do I need, what way do I sit how do I know what tension is, is it pain and how do I know if the relaxation works and the sense memory works with the concentrations
4 September 2018

Kj |
Love to be an actor and put emotion in people's hearts
3 September 2018

Amit Yadav |
Hi I would like to thank you for this website, it really helpful for me. Please keep adding new blog and new exercise so I can become more perfect actor.
2 September 2018 - Mumbai, India

Asraiya Deyo |
NEVER GIVE UP Light your heart on fire!!
8 August 2017 - Seattle, Wa

Kabunga Elvis |
Hello am Kabunga a ugandan actor, this site was super helpful. I am acting romeo and juliet this year, this has certainly helped me, thanks
30 January 2017 - Kampala, Uganda

alexia |
I am passionate about cinema, acting, I am a french girl and moved to LA. I want to learn more about the method acting.
24 January 2017 - los angeles

Matthew Kaskowitz |
Hi Harry; I'm using my acting skills everyday in my relations with business people. As an e-commerce business owner, I may be able to employ your limo service soon.
6 January 2017 - St. Louis

gerald cantor |
Dominic De Fazio, give a shout eh
16 February 2016 - nyc

Neeraj Sodhi |
I wan to learn more about acting in MOtion Pictures. The Techniques of delivering, Memory, Body language, Camera Facing & INNER MONOLOGUES.
8 January 2016 - India

Natalija |
so glad to find this site! It is very helpfull. Thank you
8 December 2015 - Macedonia

Nate Rustemeyer |
Hey Harry. I am using my acting skills in the classroom as an English teacher. But you may end up my limo driver one day yet.
23 November 2015 - Brazil

june |
"I weather is nice today"
31 July 2015 - china

Lost |
Really lost
26 May 2015 - Office desk

Deanie (Joan) McAndrew |
A well trained actor or actress is available for stage or film.
16 May 2015 - Philadelphia, PA

Frank Bublitz |
Hi! You have an interesting site. I get the feeling that you're pretty opinionated. I have seen that your group went to a play involving right wing radicals. I wonder who paid for the venue? :)
27 April 2015 - Michigan

It would be great if you could remove very old entries in the guestbook.Say, ten years? They show up in google searches.
5 April 2015

Reply from Harry Governick:   It would be great if we could remove the causes of the Civil War from our history books - they show up in Google searches. But then again, it's history.

There's nothing derogatory in the archives of the Guestbook. If you have any entry you would like removed from, say, ten years ago, let me know which it is and I'll be glad to accommodate you.

Meanwhile, you don't speak for all those thousands who may actually WANT their entries to remain a part of the history of this site - a site which has been around since the beginning of the Internet explosion.

I got a similar request yesterday from someone under a different name, but with the EXACT same IP address - how's life in Florida?

So please, you mind your business and I'll mind mine. Thanks.

Judy Millar |
My day job is teaching high school English; my afternoon job is teaching university theatre, my evening job is directing all of the plays and musicals at the high school and university branch. I have been doing this and performing on stage for 31 years. I am a former Actors Equity Association member; I am 56 and ready for my turn. I am studying acting for the camera with Randy Kovitz in Pittsburgh. While reviewing the notes from last weeks class, I was lead to research and that brought me to your site. Thank you for the succinct manner in which you paraphrased the extensive lessons. When I retire my day, afternoon and evening jobs, I will have time to read and study more deeply. For now, I am looking for sites like yours.
24 March 2015 - Titusville, Pennsylvania

Welch |
need data to settle a bet. Does say Fred Couples(pro golfer) need any credentials or certifications or become a"card" carrying actor to act in those heating/air commercials?
6 February 2015 - north carolina

donnie bruce |
method has only been my interest since 12 i stopped acting but want to get back slowly
5 April 2014 - newark ny

I am interested in acting or extra work. I live on Cape Cod MA and Ormond Beach Fl. I did some extra work in Boston years ago. I also took an acting course on Summer St in Boston. Would like to become a Union actor. Thanks STEVIE RAY

Tushar Gandhi |
After completing my acting workshop I was keen to know more about acting methods but I never had the patience of going through bulky books. Thanks to you for sharing your knowledge here. This was very helpful.
27 February 2014 - Bangalore, India

Michael Harris AKA Muff Potter |
So glad I found your site. I was seeking information to help workshop a group of actors taking on the production of "Extremities". As I read through the sections describing the "Method", I realized I had been using this same system myself.without training. I must thank you for putting it all down for the world to use. It is helping the cast with the production so much. It's also nice to see that I'm not alone in my thinking.
29 January 2014 - Charleston, WV

alfred mkenda |
I like theatrgroup but i am so far :
14 January 2014 - Tanzania

Susan Barker Rilliet |
Harry: you knew me @ Actors Studio LA 1989-1991. Just found your name on Magnificent Bastards 67. My brother was there.
1 October 2013 - relocated to NJ

Corinne Broskette |
Love your site Harry, am so glad that I found you again. Turning all my students on to it, the blue book only goes so far, you surpass that in your clear understanding of the work.
24 April 2013 - St Petersburg, FL United States

Stephan Maree |
Thank you very much for this wonderful site, trough out my four years I studied under Stephanie van Niekerk at the Method Actors' Training centre in South Africa this site was an endless source of amazing information. Please if you can I would love to invite you to be a guest on my new Method Actor's blog.
12 December 2012 - South Africa

Lauren |
I just wanted to say thank for such an informative site. You really answered a lot of questions that I had about getting started in acting. This is definitely something I want to pursue, and I feel the information you have given me will prepare me enough to get started in my first classes. I feel now that I know what to expect and that is very much preferred to going in blind. Thank you for taking the time to put this out there!
12 August 2012 - Ohio

Onipede jesutofunmi |
I want 2 act cos i luv acting. People say that i'm gud and i know that i am. Pls take me in
7 May 2012 - Beside plaza motel, oke ijebu road

Otto Erich Hartleben |
Oh Joy ! a happy wish makes me aspire to joys which I have so long despised !
13 April 2012 - Lake Garda Salo Italy

Onipede tofunmi |
I want to become an actress, i've the confidence
8 April 2012 - Ijapo estate akure, ondo road

Ann Shara |
I am mid-30s and have always had a dream to become an actress. I have done no prior acting but the desire has become so strong that I have been scouring the internet recently to figure out how to get started. The information here is very helpful and I plan on returning to continue reading. I still don't know where to start since money is limited but I feel as though I must pursue this dream otherwise I will have regrets. Thanks for the information.
10 March 2012 - Barbados

Vikrant Chauhan |
I am an actor since 2 years with proscenium theatre and street plays.and i m happy to collect the infromation about acting from here
10 March 2012 - Patna, India

Jayda |
I would love for me and my sister to get an acting agent so you guys can call my mom at [number deleted for security] :excited
5 February 2012 - Missouri

Satricia Gange |
I'm not sure how long ago it was since I've wanted to be an actress. Whenever I watch a movie, I act as if I'm doing the play. I practice every night. I always thought about making something of myself. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to go where my inspiration takes me. I love the thought of acting more than anything else I've ever been interested in. Now all I have to do is do it and I will.
24 September 2011 - Dededo, Gu

shante |
looking to do something for self expore and follow my dreams
25 August 2011 - albany,ny

natasha |
hi im 14 years old and i love to sing and act and dance its my dream to be able to share my passion with others and help my family out financially i've tried everything but i know nothing about show business and talent executives please help me!! :)
14 August 2011 - United States

Linda |
I must thank you for this site. I would like to do some work in the Saint-Louis region June 'till September as an actress or extra. But I didn't understand the unions. Now I do, thanks to you. Thank you, dank u, merci, danke.
31 July 2011 - Belgium (Flanders)

Jamal |
hi im 15 years old and i really want to act to give my family a good life please help
20 July 2011 - Greenville

Heidi |
This site is one of the most helpful sites I have found. It's so easy to give up on yourself in this field, or for that matter, so easy to "never get started" because of all of the money hungry chasers giving you bad direction. Honestly, so much of what I know/feel/believe personally was validated and remotivated (perhaps at the twelfth hour)after reading this site. Thank you so much for your candid honesty, knowledge, and wisdom. Have you written a book? I'd buy one.
2 July 2011 - Indianapolis, IN

16 June 2011 - SUMTER, SC.

Maria Slvia Betti |
Congratulations for the excellent material compiled about acting, about the Method and the Actor's Studio. Thank you for sharing it with theater researchers and actors!
29 April 2011 - Sao Paulo, SP, brazil

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