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Jack Daniels |
Hiccup. how dry I am.
20 April 2011 - The Onion Field

Angela |
Thank you so much for such valuable information! After reading the method acting section I plan to incorporate some of those techniques into my character development. Thank you so much for making this information available to the public! Best wishes!
10 January 2011 - Nashville, TN

Absolutely fantastic. Haven't come across anything quite so helpful online.
6 January 2011

I want to be an actress. I'm not in it for the fame or fortune, but for the fun! I have been told many times that I am very good at acting. And it's my favorite thing to do. I want to be able to act professianally. I'm working very hard towards it. I have talent and I'm going to show it
21 August 2010

Gianna Alexandra |
Thank you for the time and energy that you have put into making this webpage and including the advice and tips that you have included. The information you have given me through your webpage has been most useful. I'm ready to concentrate and make the sacrifices to make it happen! Thanks once again! :)
10 April 2010 - Orlando, FL

jeremy erkov |
I love your website, theatre is amazing!
11 March 2010 - London

Gregory C |
I'm dating a wonderful young lady whose deepest passion is story telling on the stage and has encouraged me to pursue it as well, even if only as a hobby or to be enjoyed at the 'community level' and this was the first site that she recommended to me. So far, I've very much enjoyed it. Thanks!
3 January 2010 - VA

very nice this site, tnk for sharing transquery
28 December 2009

Tony Galtieri |
Hello Mr. Harry Governick, I enrolled into my first acting class in late September 2003 & while doing some internet research I gratefully discovered this / your website. I cannot tell you how much of a valuable resource it has been to me and I refer to it often, including most recently now 6 years later. Thank You once again for all of your time & effort that you put into it. Best, ~Tony~
6 December 2009 - New York

William Morris |
I am interested in learning the art of acting from the begining
17 September 2009 - Brooklyn New York USA

Janelle A. Gibson |
Your web-site has encouraged me to go forward with becoming an actress even though I haven't done any theatrical work in the past I'm hoping this works for me.I'm 19 and I've never been more sure about anything in my life!
30 July 2009 - Ottawa,Ontario, Canada

D Myers
I can't believe that you would tell people to lie on an acting resume.not only is it un ethical its just plan wrong. You should never lie on a resume!!
22 July 2009

Reply from Harry Governick:   D... maybe "lie" is the wrong word... perhaps "pretend" or "act as if" you've done all those thing you haven't done, and just consider it another acting exercise. How's that?

Ben Jensen-Reid
Thank You for this website i'm 13 yrs old and this has helped we with both my carrer and school project!
7 May 2009

Martin Donovan |
hi, doing my BTEC National Diploma in acting, and wanted some research material on stanislavski and method acting, very good site.
13 October 2003 - london UK

Amanda Andrews |
Hey, I'm Amanda, age 13, and I just wanted to check out this site and see where to start my acting career at. I am moving to to central california from nothern, and that means closer to LA. I pretty much have it all planned....i guess... i just need to spill the news to my family. They are more on the sports side, so acting might be a shock for them. But this is what i really want, so I'll do it no matter what anyone else thinks. I would love to be on one of the Disney Channel shows or movies. That would be awesome... a dream becoming reality.
12 October 2003

Thank you so much for all the useful information. I've wanted to pursue acting for a while and I figured if not now, then when. I'm getting my first set of headshots taken on Saturday and I'm pretty nervous but your site helped me sort things out. Thank you for all your help and good luck with your future projects.
10 October 2003

Marysa AJ. Trudel |
This website helped me get some marks with drama! Right on!!!!
1 October 2003 - North Bay, Ontario (Canada)

melinda callegan |
Hi, I come from a small town in louisiana. I would love to get started in acting. I'am a 42 year old mother of 2. I need to do something for me starting now. How does someone not from California or New York get started???
25 September 2003 - louisiana

Thank you very much for this wonderful web site. For me it has been of much value since I am just starting to study acting.Acting has been one of my dreams but it was just until now at the age of 59 that I took the courage to jump into it. I think it is not too late for a start since I am neither loking neither to reach Hollywood nor Broadway, I just want to act. Thank you very much again.
18 September 2003 - Caracas, Venezuela

Rosemarie Allen | |
I am taking theater this year in college. I want to thank you very much for all the help your site has given me.
15 September 2003 - Holcomb, Kansas

Ross Dillon |
I'm a student-actor and i've learned more from your site than my own instructors (5 years of them).
14 September 2003 - Nashville

MarcusRaven | |
i find your site very much interesting. im from the philippines. im a theater director of just a small group... i wanted to teach them how to act theoretically not my own knowledge only, so, i wanted to print your lesson so how can i avail it in a small amount. tnx. God bless.
13 September 2003 - philippines

Blaine Russell |
Hey!!! Thanks for the great site! I'm a 15 yr old aspiring actor with the biggest hopes and dreams. The only problem is that my family isn't rich enough to send me away to get work. I live in the most rinky dink, crappiest town I've ever been in. There is nothing holding me here,if i could i would leave right now and it is 1:20 in the morning. Music and acting is my life & everyday I think to myself why can't that be me? But it CAN be me and i promise to everyone who will read this; you will see & hear me one day. This is my life not just a thing I might wanna do. It's what I must do. If passion alone won't get me there I don't know what will.
Thanks for this site, it only helps teens like me with a Goal as big as mine.
11 September 2003 - Wilsonville, Alabama

James Devlin (Jimmy) |
I want to say a great big thankyou. I am 27 year old actor who thought he was the best there is, not any more. Ive read and re-read your pages of information regarding method Acting and I must tell you that I have come on in leaps and bounds in my performances. My acting coach doesnt know whats happened how suddenly ive improved 10 fold. I am not telling him either! I love the Method and cant get enough. I want more and more. Where can i study method acting? do I have to come to USA, I will if i have to.
Thank you so much for showing me the rite path to follow.

( what is essential is invisible to the eye, one can only see truely with the heart).
10 September 2003 - Manchester, England

Tony Collins |
Thanks for a great site. It has helped me with my role in "You Say Tomatoes" Especially with the 'Substitution' part
7 September 2003 - Cornwall, England

JoAnne Fox |
Thanks for a great website!
7 September 2003 - Mahwah, NJ

Kari Lynch
I really like your web-site. It's very helpful, and original.
2 September 2003 - Grand Valley State University

Scott Strathern |
I am a student at Northampton University, England, studying a degree in Theatre Studies and hoping to become one of the top acting coaches in Europe. This site is invaluable to anyone who is interested in the art of acting and in particular 'method' acting.
28 August 2003 - wellingborough

Amy Owen | |
Hi! I'm 14 and I'm very interested in becoming an actress in film or television, maybe even theatre. I don't really know what to look for, I've never really acted before, I've danced and been in the background of some scenes in a Fame show, but that's it! I don't know whether I'd be able to remember lines for stage acting, that's why television or film would be better for me, if anyone knows good (not to expensive!) classes I would be able to go to when I'm 15 or 16, please say!!!! Thank You!
28 August 2003 - England

Robert Small
I studied with Barry Primus back in 85' at a workshop in Rockport, Maine. We did some good work there. Currently, working on a research paper for my Masters about the Group Theater and the continuation of the Method. You're website and links have been helpful.
28 August 2003

Judy Kerr | |
I like your new guestbook. You seem to always be searching for the latest additions to make your site easy for all to navigate.
13 August 2003 - Studio City, CA

Phil Whitehead |
I am a year 12 drama student and I found this resource to be exactly what I needed to help develop my individual major work.
11 August 2003 - Sydney, Australia

Shelagh H. Grasso |
I am a high school drama teacher and I happened upon this site as I was looking for material for a new acting course I will be teaching this year.

What a wonderful resource! I am trained in the "method" and this just put it all in such susinct form. This will be wonderful for my students as they start to explore.

4 August 2003 - Chestertown, Md

Harry Governick | |
This is the first message in TheatrGROUP's new Guestbook. This guestbook script was found at Active Scripts(, and is one of the best I have seen out there. It has an outstanding user control panel to help configure the look of the Guestbook... thank you all for visiting TheatrGROUP. To visit the old Guestbook, which has over 500 entries dating back to 1997, please go to:
Best wishes,
Harry Governick
Artistic Director
TheatrGROUP, Inc.
3 August 2003 - Saint Louis, MO

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